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- 530 is the average number of deaths from traffic accidents in the past few years. The annual average number of injuries is 5920. Full Stats


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Ministerial Portfolios: Rotation or Manipulation?

Soon after the resignation of Mikati’s government and the invitation to Tamam Salam to form a new Cabinet, several obstacles emerged to hinder the formation of an all-embracing government.
Ten months later, however, a spirit of consensus emerged. With some of the barriers surmounted and others put on hold until after the formation of the Cabinet, portfolio rotation became the major subject of dispute among the diverse political camps..

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أبرز مؤشرات العام 2013: فشل تشريعي وعجز تجاري وارتفاع الدين

انتهى العام 2013 الذي يعتبره الكثيرون عام التعطيل وعدم الاستقرار السياسي والأمني، وذلك بفعل استقالة الحكومة في نهاية شهر آذار 2013 وانقضاء عشرة أشهر وعشرة أيام قبل تشكيل حكومة جديدة. وكذلك تعطيل الانتخابات النيابية وتمديد ولاية مجلس النواب حتى 20 تشرين الثاني 2014 الأمر الذي انعكس على كافة القطاعات وجعل مؤشرات معظمها سلبية. ومن أبرز المؤشرات التي حملها العام 2013 :

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Gas Pipeline at LBP 685 Billion

During its session dated June 21, 2010, the Lebanese cabinet approved the plan of the power sector aimed at providing a round-the-clock electricity supply. The plan consisted of a number of projects among which was the construction of onshore- and offshore if needed- gas pipelines along the Lebanese coast in order to feed all the power plants stretching between Beddawi in North Lebanon and Tyre in the South.

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فؤاد شهاب: أمير فقير أصبح رئيساً للجمهورية

عندما يتحدث اللبنانيون عن بناء الدولة والمؤسسات يتبادر إلى ذهنهم فوراً اسم الرئيس الراحل فؤاد شهاب، ففي عهده (1958-1964) تم إنشاء العديد من المؤسسات والإدارات الحكومية التي توزعت مهامها بين الإدارة والقضاء والمال والشؤون الاجتماعية، ويعتبر شهاب باني الدولة الحديثة بعد مرور 15 عاماً على نيل لبنان الاستقلال..

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How to fly without fear?

Dr. Michel Nawfal - MD Mental Health Professional - If you’re asked not to think of a pink elephant, the most likely thing you’ll think about is in fact a pink elephant. In psychology this is called “selective abstraction”. People tend to get attracted...


Cholesterol Treatment (The New Guidelines)

Dr. Hanna Saadah - The treatment of Cholesterol, which was first promulgated in 2002, has been radically revised in 2013. The new guidelines no longer target cholesterol levels as primary therapeutic goals. Furthermore, treatment has been greatly simplified. The...


Public Safety Applications for Lebanon’s Buildings and Facilities

1- Public safety between urban growth and protecting human life Public safety falls generally within a two-pronged dilemma. The more technology advances and construction expands, the higher the risks to human life. Here’s what to do: Either we need to pull...


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